Thanks for the love, internet!

We’ve had a load of new listeners join us over the past couple of weeks, mostly thanks to a recommendation in the British Podcast Awards‘ monthly PodWatch newsletter as one of 5 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life, and Buzzfeed picking us out of “thousands and thousands” of entries to name us one of the top 27 podcasts you should hear in 2018. Woohoo!

So, we just wanted to give all you newcomers a warm welcome. We think you’ll like it here. Say hello on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to know what you think of the show.

Katy was particularly delighted by this message from a listener in Sofia documenting the first time the podcast has made someone MISS THEIR ACTUAL SUBWAY STOP because they’re just having such a goddamn good time. We look forward to ruining many other commutes all over the world.


Thanks so much for listening! And stay tuned for another generous helping of hearty European ear-stew next Tuesday.

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