That Time Katy And Dominic Made A Death Metal Video

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: this isn’t the first time Katy and Dominic have collaborated on an artistic project. Before The Europeans, there was their death metal video.

Back in 2015 when Katy’s boyfriend Alex was living in Amsterdam (and Katy and Dominic got to hang out in real life all the time instead of Skyping each other) , Alex stumbled upon an abandoned pair of women’s spacehopper boots while he was walking down his street one day. They fit Katy perfectly! So, naturally, she and Dominic spent a day in Westerpark shooting a short action movie / death metal video. Katy hopes you are impressed by her stunts.

The music was free on Jamendo and is quite horrible. We are sorry.

We give you: “What Even Are These Things” (2015), shot by Dominic Kraemer, starring Katy Lee.

One comment

  1. Hans · March 8, 2018

    Where was Alex at the time? Headbanging his brains out?

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