Our first interview in Italian!

We’ve been featured in the very excellent European newsletter of the Italian newspaper Il Foglio, EUPorn, which promises to show off “the sexy side of Europe”.  We approve.

Katy chatted on Twitter with Il Foglio’s Paola Peduzzi about our quest to make Europe feel less boring and faraway. You can check out the full conversation here.

We particularly liked this description of The Europeans: “The weekly podcast which gets you to Europe in half an hour, holds your hand so you don’t get lost, and leaves you with a smile.”

Grazie, Il Foglio!

The Europeans won a massive prize and we are so incredibly happy

Apparently pessimism works. After spending a not insignificant amount of last week’s episode lamenting the fact that we were almost definitely not going to win the Spinelli Prize, WE WENT AND BLOODY WON!!!

Katy was in Brussels to accept an uncommonly large certificate. Dominic watched the live feed from Amsterdam and may have teared up a bit.

Like so many podcasters, we’ve put untold hours of unpaid work into making this podcast since we launched in November 2017. What keeps us going is knowing that we’ve built an army of listeners all over Europe — and beyond — who love what we do.

The Spinelli Prize is an annual award for projects that increase understanding of the EU and help people get in touch with their European side. This year, it comes with a cheque for €25,000. We can scarcely believe it.

We’re planning on using this incredibly generous prize to make the show even bigger and better, and we’re so excited for what comes next. But first, a gin and tonic or two.


Happy Birthday Bauhaus!

This week, European cultural greats past and present. We discuss the good, the bad and the Bauhaus with the American painter Henry Isaacs, who grew up surrounded by many of the key figures from the legendary German art school that marked its 100th birthday this month. And Katy chats to Kurt Oberbergh, artistic director of the Ancienne Belgique music venue, about new sounds, immigration and the return of Turkish psychedelia.

In Brussels? Come and see Katy at this great event at the Ancienne Belgique on May 7!

And finally, apologies for moaning in this episode about how we’re definitely not going to win the Spinelli Prize – WE WENT AND WON IT DIDN’T WE?!?! Apparently our pessimism did the trick. We are thrilled. Thank you all for listening and supporting this podcast that we love making!


This week a brilliant young journalist was shot dead in Northern Ireland, on the 21st anniversary of the Good Friday peace agreement. The senseless death of Lyra McKee is a reminder of a conflict that most in the country have put behind them. Her friend, the writer Susan McKay, is here with a very moving tribute to a remarkable person.

Also this week: a rebellion in London, rising from the ashes in Paris, and the magnificent species that is the European honey bee.

Disinformation Wars

No, European governments are not handing out ‘brothel vouchers’ to immigrants; and no, the EU is not trying to ban bendy cucumbers. Euro-myths are as old as the union itself, but with elections just around the corner, setting the record straight feels more important than ever. This week’s guest is on the frontlines of the fight against disinformation: Jules Darmanin, the coordinator of a new continent-wide band of fact-checkers.

Plus: Julian Assange, Swiss democracy, and the world’s greatest neighbours.
You can find the Fact Check EU website here in 11 beautiful languages.

That nice article about our former guest Flavia Kleiner that Dominic was talking about is here, and the Swiss podcast episode that Katy was raving about is available here.

Nice One, Slovakia

This week, a little glimmer of hope from central Europe in the form of a new Slovakian president who refuses to fight dirty. And a little glimmer of the future in the form of our guest, bionic woman and tech journalist Mimi Billing, one of a growing number of Swedes to have got themselves… microchipped? Plus: Russian whale jails, a decades-old French mystery, and germs at the opera.

Follow Mimi on Twitter here and read her great article about Swedish body-hacking here!

And for more on Slovakia’s badass president-elect Zuzana Čaputová, there’s no better place to start than the latest episode of the In Between Europe podcast hosted by our former guest Zselyke Csaky, which you can check out here.

A massive thanks to our growing army of Patreon supporters for keeping the show going. You can chip in at patreon.com/europeanspodcast.

Political Tinder

This week, like so many other weeks, it’s been easy to take a look at the world and think: how did things get so polarised? Ahead of the European elections, the battle lines are already being drawn: nationalists vs globalists, liberals vs conservatives. But a fascinating project is trying to get Europeans from across the political spectrum to actually sit down and talk about their differences. Sebastian Horn, the deputy editor of Die Zeit online, is on the line from Berlin to explain the thinking behind the Europe Talks project. Plus: changing populist fortunes from Budapest to Amsterdam, and the mathematics of soap bubbles.

Sign up to take part in Europe Talks here.