The Bee Word

This week, the need for more buzz around Europe: the bee kind, and the excitement kind. Our very special guest to round off the year (and keep Katy company while Dominic was rolling around on the floor) is the Dutch writer Joris Luyendijk, who despite having been named Bad News reporter for De Correspondent has more hope than you might think for this continent as we roll into 2019. Trigger warning: there’s a mention or two of the b-word as we talk about why Europe ain’t so boring and the mysteries of the British psyche. Plus: Powerfrauen; an all-too-human robot, and the fight to save our pollinators.

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October 30: Everyone’s free to vote (and wear sunscreen)

This week: freedom. Freedom to vote, freedom of speech, and freedom to attempt a robbery in Belgium even when you’re not quite sure how robberies work. Dominic’s been at the European Parliament’s liaison office in Berlin chatting to Frank Piplat and Christopher Lade about what makes these elections different, and Sally Eshun is here from Are We Europe to talk about hate speech on both sides of the Atlantic. Also: naughty Italians, balloon sticks, and the beauty of toilets.

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Jan 9: The Dumbest Farmer Finds The Biggest Potatoes

Happy New Year, The Europeans are back! We’re kicking off 2018 by brushing up on our Luxembourgish, giving Nina Lamparski a call to find out why a language officially listed as endangered is making an unexpected comeback. And Georgi Gotev is on the line to talk about what we can expect from Bulgaria as the EU’s poorest country takes the helm as president for the next six months. We ask why a baby born in Bulgaria has a much lower life expectancy than one born in Spain; and there’s a feminist, vodka-flavoured happy ending for you.

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Nov 28: Katy smells the money

Episode 1 is here! Featuring Angela Merkel, angry French nudists,  and charming interludes from Katy’s friends and colleagues Frank Zeller in Berlin and Ania Jakubek in Poznan, Poland.

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