Our first interview in Italian!

We’ve been featured in the very excellent European newsletter of the Italian newspaper Il Foglio, EUPorn, which promises to show off “the sexy side of Europe”.  We approve.

Katy chatted on Twitter with Il Foglio’s Paola Peduzzi about our quest to make Europe feel less boring and faraway. You can check out the full conversation here.

We particularly liked this description of The Europeans: “The weekly podcast which gets you to Europe in half an hour, holds your hand so you don’t get lost, and leaves you with a smile.”

Grazie, Il Foglio!

September 11: The Future Library

Dominic’s singing in Berlin, Katy’s painting in Paris, and a forest is quietly growing just outside Oslo. Our guest this week is Anne Beate Hovind, project manager of a strange and wonderful project in Norway involving books, trees and the passage of time. Also on the menu, Florence is taking things OFF the street food menu and Poland is harnessing the power of the howling wind. Plus, a glimmer of hope after some dark days in Chemnitz.