We’ve been nominated for a prize!

You may have already heard our good news on last week’s show, but we’re shouting it from the rooftops again just in case you missed it: we’ve been nominated for a prize!

We are delighted to announce that The Europeans has been nominated as the Netherlands’ entry for the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. Dominic would like to thank the Dutch MEPs who chose us despite the fact that his Dutch is, in his own words, ‘still pretty rubbish’.

We’re looking forward to May 8 when Katy will be going to Aachen in Germany to meet the other national winners from around the EU. The prize honours projects by Europeans under 30 that bring us closer together as a continent.

We’re crossing our fingers that we get named as one of the top three projects which walk away with cash prizes as we’d love to invest some €€€ in growing the podcast and making it (even) better, but really, we’re super happy just to have come this far.

Thank you Netherlands, we hope we make you proud next month!