August 14: The traces they leave

This week, something a little different: Deborah Cole, a Berlin-based reporter since 1995, reads us her beautiful piece about the race to collect the memories of elderly Germans who lived through some of the most tumultuous events in modern history. Follow Deborah on Twitter, she’s our favourite person tweeting from Merkel Land.

Also: an airborne mishap, an ingenious Spaniard, and irony, Slovenian-style, explained with the help of the brilliant Aljaž Pengov Bitenc.

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May 15: The winner takes it all, the loser takes a selfie

It’s been week of highs and lows for Europe and The Europeans. Katy came back from Germany with empty pockets but a full heart (and a selfie with a certain someone). It’s been a bad week for European diplomacy, but a great one for trashy pop music.

Someone who’s seen more than her fair share of highs and lows is our guest Farah Abdi, a transgender Somali refugee who arrived on a boat from Libya in 2012. She tells Katy about her journey and her fight for better rights for LGBT refugees in Europe. And songwriter MaJiKer, who’s penned several songs for past Eurovision hopefuls, is on hand to explain why Israel snatched victory and Sweden got robbed.

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May 1: Sticks and stones and dandruff

We couldn’t have two more different interviews for you this week: we’re talking anti-Semitism in Germany and the art of remaining zen on a beach in Scotland.

After two German rappers sparked national outrage with lyrics about the Holocaust, Human Rights Watch Germany’s chief Wenzel Michalski is on the line to talk about his all too personal experience of Europe’s rising problem with anti-Semitism.

But why throw stones when you can turn them into art instead? Scottish photographer Andy Buchanan brings us the weird, wonderful and unexpectedly hilarious story of covering the European Stone Stacking Championships. You can see his beautiful  photos in the Guardian here.

Plus, Macron Does America and Bulgaria Does It Wrong (check out former guest Georgi Gotev’s reporting on a night of vodka and scantily-clad ladies here). And why not stick around and Take A Chance On Dominic’s happy ending this week?

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March 6: Don’t put salt on every snail

Hello Europe! Your favourite continental podcast is back with everything from salted snails to middle-fingered salutes on the menu. Dominic’s been walking on thin ice, and Katy’s been cocooning; there’s good news for Angela Merkel and bad news for press freedom in Slovakia. Eckard Helmers is on the line from Germany to explain how why Europe fell in love with diesel cars even though they’re poisoning our air. And we’re talking English — literally — with Marko Modiano, a linguistics expert in Gävle, Sweden, about how the language is taking on a life of its own in Europe.

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Thanks for the love, internet!

We’ve had a load of new listeners join us over the past couple of weeks, mostly thanks to a recommendation in the British Podcast Awards‘ monthly PodWatch newsletter as one of 5 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life, and Buzzfeed picking us out of “thousands and thousands” of entries to name us one of the top 27 podcasts you should hear in 2018. Woohoo!

So, we just wanted to give all you newcomers a warm welcome. We think you’ll like it here. Say hello on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to know what you think of the show.

Katy was particularly delighted by this message from a listener in Sofia documenting the first time the podcast has made someone MISS THEIR ACTUAL SUBWAY STOP because they’re just having such a goddamn good time. We look forward to ruining many other commutes all over the world.


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That Time Katy And Dominic Made A Death Metal Video

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: this isn’t the first time Katy and Dominic have collaborated on an artistic project. Before The Europeans, there was their death metal video.

Back in 2015 when Katy’s boyfriend Alex was living in Amsterdam (and Katy and Dominic got to hang out in real life all the time instead of Skyping each other) , Alex stumbled upon an abandoned pair of women’s spacehopper boots while he was walking down his street one day. They fit Katy perfectly! So, naturally, she and Dominic spent a day in Westerpark shooting a short action movie / death metal video. Katy hopes you are impressed by her stunts.

The music was free on Jamendo and is quite horrible. We are sorry.

We give you: “What Even Are These Things” (2015), shot by Dominic Kraemer, starring Katy Lee.

Jan 16: Translating Trump, Defending Deneuve

Your favourite plucky Parisian reporter and glamorous Amsterdam opera singer are BACK. Episode 6 is about two people with bouffant hair but little else in common: Donald Trump and Catherine Deneuve. We’ve got a great interview with the voice of Trump on German television, Franz Kubaczyk, and his fellow interpreter Leonie Wagener about the perils of translating the most unpredictable president in US history. And the French writer Agnès Poirier is on the line to discuss Deneuve’s controversial letter criticizing the #MeToo movement and what may have been lost in translation. Plus: fantastic plastic news and an unwelcome flashback from early-2000s pop.

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