The Europeans won a massive prize and we are so incredibly happy

Apparently pessimism works. After spending a not insignificant amount of last week’s episode lamenting the fact that we were almost definitely not going to win the Spinelli Prize, WE WENT AND BLOODY WON!!!

Katy was in Brussels to accept an uncommonly large certificate. Dominic watched the live feed from Amsterdam and may have teared up a bit.

Like so many podcasters, we’ve put untold hours of unpaid work into making this podcast since we launched in November 2017. What keeps us going is knowing that we’ve built an army of listeners all over Europe — and beyond — who love what we do.

The Spinelli Prize is an annual award for projects that increase understanding of the EU and help people get in touch with their European side. This year, it comes with a cheque for €25,000. We can scarcely believe it.

We’re planning on using this incredibly generous prize to make the show even bigger and better, and we’re so excited for what comes next. But first, a gin and tonic or two.


Flavia and the Machine (anniversary episode)

A special show marking A WHOLE YEAR OF THE PODCAST! Extra brilliant guests are here to help us mark this very narcissistic edition of anniversary annexe/commemoration corner. Flavia Kleiner, whose Operation Libero has been waging a quietly successful war against rightwing populism in Switzerland, calls in from Zurich with some lessons for the rest of Europe. And Andrea Chalupa is here to discuss her new film Gareth Jones, about a courageous Welsh journalist’s battle to tell the truth about the famine her grandfather survived in Ukraine 85 years ago. Plus: vote-buying, espionage, and a few splashes of prosecco.

A podcast website wrote some REALLY nice things about us

We had a DELIGHTFUL surprise this week when we discovered that The Europeans has been profiled by none other than esteemed podcast reviewer Ben Cannon of The Constant Listener.

He wrote some incredibly kind things about us, not least praising our ‘easy rapport’, great guests and a ‘non-standard journalistic approach which creates continually engaging conversations’.

Our favourite bit, though was this:

It’s podcasts like The Europeans that really make the case for the medium. Taken as a whole, it feels like a sort of new wave pirate radio… In telling stories of the continent it provides a sense of comfort and security to the way it explores life in the patchwork Union, representing it less as a house of cards and instead painting it in a more nuanced, at times hopeful light.

Thank you so much, Ben! To read his full, lavish praise, click here. And why not witness Dominic’s delight at his incredibly kind words first-hand in this Instagram vid:

This lovely lovely review in the Constant Listener made my day!

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