Everyone's free to vote (and wear sunscreen)

This week: freedom. Freedom to vote, freedom of speech, and freedom to attempt a robbery in Belgium even when you're not quite sure how robberies work. Dominic's been at the European Parliament's liaison office in Berlin chatting to Frank Piplat and Christopher Lade about what makes these elections different, and Sally Eshun is here from Are We Europe to talk about hate speech on both sides of the Atlantic. Also: naughty Italians, balloon sticks, and the beauty of toilets.

Are you, like Katy, lacking inspiration when it comes to the European elections? Check out http://thistimeimvoting.eu for a few ideas.

Read Sally's article at www.areweeurope.com — and if you believe in the power of print, type 'europeanspod' for a 15% discount on your copy of the continent's most beautiful magazine.


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