Picasso, Poland & Pedagogy

This week, the story of one of Europe's strangest art heists keeps getting stranger; the fate of Poland's judges keeps getting more complicated; and a teacher in one of France's poorest towns refuses to give up on her kids. Juliette Perchais is on the line to talk about what it's like teaching in one of her country's toughest schools and how she traveled the world to bring back the best educational ideas out there.

Check out her website www.storiesofinspiringteachers.com — it does what it says on the tin. 
You can also find some reporting Katy did from Grigny here: https://yhoo.it/2PWgdZV

And last but not least, your podcast recommendations for the week:

Stammtisch https://bit.ly/2An9lKw 
Radiolab: Tweak The Vote https://bit.ly/2OFzpWc


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