About us


The Europeans is hosted by Katy Lee, a journalist based in Paris, and Dominic Kraemer, an opera singer living in Amsterdam.


Katy and Dominic have been friends since meeting at university in 2006. The Europeans was born in 2017 out of two things: a shared obsession with podcasts, and a conviction that Europe was too often treated as something boring and irrelevant in the British news media. Our idea was to smash the idea that Europe was something dry and wonkish, with a podcast that talked about the continent's politics in a fun and lively way. We also wanted to celebrate Europe's amazing culture, from conceptual art to Eurovision.

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Katy has been based in Paris since 2015. A staff writer for Agence France-Presse (AFP), she has also covered French politics and society for the Guardian, the New Statesman, Foreign Policy and Politico. Along with France, she's reported over the past few years from Greece, Turkey, Spain and a bunch of other places. She grew up in Southend-on-Sea, an English town which prides itself on having the longest pleasure pier in the world. She used to live in Hong Kong and spends a lot of her time in Chinese restaurants pretending she never left.

Dominic is an opera singer and part-time political junkie living in the tourist-hating city of Amsterdam. He was born in London, delivered by a local midwife who was the mother of original UK Big Brother contestant, Melanie Hill. His singing takes him across Europe, performing roles recently at the Staatsoper in Berlin, the Dutch National Opera and the Münchener Biennale. He is definitely not qualified to talk to you about Europe but his great-grandfather did invent the pips that you hear on the radio before the news.*

*He recently discovered that this may have been a family urban legend. We will keep you posted with developments.

Our little team has been expanding in 2019. We're now working with producer Katz Laszlo, a European mongrel who calls Avoncliff, Barcelona, and Amsterdam home. She spent three years sciencing and storytelling in New York City, teaching in the New School Science department, learning how to hold a mic and cut tape from Feet in 2 World’s John Rudolph, interning at Radiolab/More Perfect, and working at Caveat theatre. She’s now back in Amsterdam and excited to be making European radio stories as a freelancer, hosting live events and catching up on missed falafels.

Our partners


We were lucky enough to win a grant from the European Cultural Foundation in 2019 to develop two special series of podcasts explaining how European institutions work and telling stories from across the continent. We launched the first of these two series, Bursting the Bubble, just before the European elections in May 2019. Check out the first episode here.

We work closely with the magazine Are We Europe, purveyors of sharp writing, stylish photography and excellent podcasts from all around the continent.

Our music is by the ace composer Jim Barne. We love him.